Completed: Another ombre baby quilt


I finally finished the baby quilt for which I showed a completed back in May and started quilting in July


It’s a fairly simple design using squares cut from two ombre fabrics by V&Co and the Cookie cutters cinnamon Cotton + Steel print from Kim Kight’s Cookie book collection.  I chose the ombre fabrics because I thought they were a nice match for the colours the parents used for their wedding and the baby’s birth announcement.


For the quilting I chose a much denser pattern than I usually do. My new sewing machine makes quilting so much more pleasurable that I didn’t mind sewing this many lines. The downside was that I ran out of thread halfway through and had to buy more which caused further delays. As I was doing the quilting I worried that it would be too much but now that it’s finished I am pleased with the result.


For the back I used the leftovers from the front and the child’s initial was made from the fabric that was also used for the binding.


I prefer to bind by hand as I find it a relaxing activity and love the look when it is finished. I must be getting quicker as I reached the end much sooner than anticipated! Which was probably the only thing that went fast in the creation of this quilt…

Now, onto the next one!


December 22, 2018

Emmely Treffers

About Emmely

I am a sewing enthusiast from the Netherlands. I live in the Leiden area with my husband and two daughters and I am currently working as a senior researcher in molecular virology. With my quilting patterns and sewing blog I want to infect as many people as possible with my love for sewing.

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  1. katechiconi

    I love this colour combination, and chevron quilting is my new go-to design for QAYG. It makes such a lovely texture, doesn’t it?

    • Emmely

      Yes, the texture is lovely and it adds a bit more interest than simple straight line quilting.

  2. dezertsuz

    It may have taken some time, but it was certainly worth the effort. I really like everything about it, and I know the parents will be pleased.

    • Emmely

      It was already gifted and I believe it was certainly appreciated. 🙂

  3. knitnkwilt

    Nice! I really like the quilting you did on it.

    • Emmely

      Thank you! I am glad I was a bit more adventurous than simple straight lines this time.


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